May 25th
1st concert

Diana Miron – voice / violin
Sian Brie – guitar
Laurențiu Coțac – upright bass
Daniel Stanciu – no input mixer

Since many years now, more accurate 23, Green Hours has been one of the most devoted ”launcher” of young talents, in jazz & theatre. We like to believe that we are a sort of laboratory, in which artists can come and feel free to experience. We have the chance this year to present you – and to guarantee for – 4 young and very talented artists, forming AND THEN THIS group.
Diana Miron, Sian Brie,  Laurențiu Cotac and Daniel Stanciu, 4 brilliant young artists, who will present us the music of tomorrow.
Musicians each with their own defining background, whose contrasting influences can be unfolded in this project.
Influenced by freedom of expression and jazz rhythmic complexity, they make use of spontaneous compositions, presenting the audience contemporary soundscapes.

”I saw AND THEN THIS at the 20th edition of Gărâna Jazz Festival, in 2016, and their music stayed with me. I hope you’ll share – or at least you’ll understand – this feeling, after listening to the opening concert of GHJFest -9.” (Voicu Rădescu – Green Hours JAZZ Fest executive)