”Share this room”

May 26th
1st concert

Hanno Busch – guitar
Claus Fischer – bass
Jonas Burgwinkel – drums

The German guitarist & composer Hanno Busch is one of the most versatile musicians of the contemporary jazz scene. Among many others, he toured with Peter Herbolzheimer & The German Youth Big Band (BuJazzO), with whom he last played in Romania in ’96 (or ’97).

The excellent bass player Claus Fischer and Hanno Busch started their musical relationship back in 2004, when Fischer asked him to join his band for the TV-Show “Anke Late Night” (SAT1). The two of them continued to join forces for several projects from that point on.
Jonas Burgwinkel is currently among the most celebrated avantgarde jazz drummers in Europe. Busch asked him to join his trio because he was looking for a completely different and fresh perspective. He seemed to be the perfect missing link, completing Busch’s vision of his trio sound.

After the ECHO Jazz nominated debut album Absent (FRUTEX TRACKS, 2014) these three musicians are presenting themselves as a mature trio with the followup, Share This Room  (FRUTEX TRACKS, 2017).
The chosen inspiration and thread for the album’s compositions is the song And So It Goes by Billy Joel. All tracks have been named from the lyrics of this song.

”After I saw Hanno Busch’s Trio concert at Jazzahead! in 2016 I knew I wanted this project as part of the GHJFest – 9 line-up.
I am really glad the Bucharest audience will have the chance to experience a LIVE performance of HBT, on May 25th.”
 (Rozana Mihalache – artistic coordinator of Green Hours JAZZ Fest)

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