May 27th
2nd concert

Helge Lien – piano
Frode Berg – bass
Per Oddvar Johansen – drums

This fascinating Norwegian Trio was twice in Bucharest until now, with tremendous success: in 2015, at Cinema Elvire Popesco, presented by Green Hours I T I N E R A N T & JFR and in 2017, at the 8th edition of GHJFest, as part of Adam Bałdych‘s project: ”Bridges”.

We are pleased to greet Helge Lien’s Trio comeback on the GHJFest stage this year, when they’ll introduce us their most recent album: GUZUGUZU (according to Japanese onomatopoeia: ”moving slowly”), recorded in September 2016 at the famous Rainbow Studio in Oslo and released this April.
7 of the 8 wonderful tracks on this album are named after Japanese expressions, the only exception being track no. 5: ”Jasmine”.
If you are curious to know why this nonsuch, we hope to persuade Helge et Co. to satisfy your curiosity and develop the explanation, on May 27th, after the concert in the Green Hours garden.

”We spent close to an entire year preparing the recording of Guzuguzu. When we met in Rainbow studio, the album was more or less complete, not to say << garari>>. This allowed for us to record the album in one single take. Listening to how it came out, it strikes me how close it resembles a live experience.” (Helge Lien)

Helge Lien Trio 47926 - Copy
Helge Lien Trio 47924 - Copy