May 25th
2nd concert

Marcin Masecki – piano
Jerzy Rogiewicz – drums

Marcin Masecki (maybe you remember him from Jazz In Church, where in 2014 he performed Arvo Pärt) one of Poland’s most interesting pianists, is joined by drummer Jerzy Rogiewicz for a program reviving the lost form of ragtime. The music of jazz legends from the ’20s is presented in a new, modern and refreshing way.

Ragtime is one of Masecki’s many facets. One could even say that his tremendous versatility has become his trademark. Next year he is releasing his fifth album of classical music (Chopin Nocturnes), he leads several bands of different sizes and genres (the jazz sextet Profesjonalizm, the brass band Polonezy), he performs as soloist with classical orchestras (Arte dei Suonatori, Capella Cracoviensis, Poznan Philharmonia) and works with a great variety of musicians in improvised concerts (Ziv Ravitz, Barry Guy, Tomasz Stańko). He is also a curator of musical events, including last summer’s Transkrypcje Festival in Warsaw, focusing on modern transcriptions of Beethoven’s Symphonies. Masecki is regularly invited by festivals and ensembles as a composer.  Recently, his new piece for choir and big band, “We Are Crying,” was premiered at Wrocław’s Jazztopad Festival.

As a child, Masecki visited Disneyland and became hypnotized by the local western bar pianist. Ever since he has dreamed of playing ragtime. Instead, his career took him through free jazz, classical music, avant-garde and even pop music… to finally return to his childhood fantasy.

The duo with long time friend Jerzy Rogiewicz, effortlessly joins virtuoso elements of traditional jazz with structures derived from classical music and a phrasing reminiscent of contemporary pop and Ethiopian folk. All borders are blurred (including between high art and entertainment) and we are served a truly modern cultural dish.

1_marcinmasecki_filip madejski
Jerzy Rogiewicz