One of the most important landmarks on the Bucharest music scene, Green Hours JAZZ Fest will take place for the 10th time in 2018. 
With a very eclectic and daring program, the event brings together international artists and a breeder audience, between May 31st – June 3rd, in the bohemian atmosphere of the Green Hours Avant-Garden.



previous looks of Green Hours JAZZ Fest

13th edition, 2020

12th edition, 2020

11th edition, 2019

10th edition, 2018

9th edition, 2017

8th edition, 2016

7th edition, 2015

6th edition, 2014

5th edition, 2013
light version

5th edition, 2013
dark version

4th edition, 2012
exterior, folded

4th edition, 2012
interior, unfolded

3rd edition, 2011

2nd edition, 2010

1st edition, 2008

working on this edition’s poster, 2016