May 24th

Antonio Raia – tenor sax & compositions
Renato Fiorito – electronics & sound

The tenor saxophone explored to its limits, its voice “undressed from the superfluous” and used as a refuge, a shelter, an “asylum”.

Conceived and recorded in a 17th century ex-orphanage in the heart of Naples, and retaining all of the volcanic feel, intensity and heart wrenching beauty of the city, “Asylum” is the first work by Raia in three years …and sounds as something unique, very different from anything he did before.

Enriched by the presence of the gifted sound engineer & electro-acoustic composer Renato Fiorito, Raia’s saxophone is raw and impetuous as well as poetic and romantic.

You will witness a tender, naked sound, as much an aesthetic as a cultural and “political” choice for a performance that aims to reflect the human search for empathy, freedom and joy.