Hemera – Giannouli / Rabbia / Roccato (GR/IT)

World premiere concert

September 1st

Tania Giannouli – piano
Michele Rabbia – drums, electronics
Daniele Roccato – double bass

”Hemera” is a completely new jazz project, containing three of the most intriguing European musicians of the moment.
Their very first concert in this formula will take place on Green Hours Jazz Fest’s stage, on September 1st, a date which also represents the 28th anniversary of our club.
We are very happy and honored to welcome again the magicians Tannia Giannouli and Michele Rabbia as part of GHJFest line-up and to embrace for the first time the presence of Daniele Roccato.
There will be music!

Greek pianist, composer, improviser and bandleader Tania Giannouli explores jazz as the most creative music form and regularly employs improvisation in her practice. She makes jazz of the kind where improvisation is just the starting point and somewhere out there – or something deep inside – is the aim. Ιnspired by many different traditions and influences, her music and interdisciplinary projects span an impressive range of styles – a creative and borderless amalgamation of the global today’s reality.

Daniele Roccato – double bass soloist and composer – is acclaimed as one of the major double bass virtuosos. Through his transcriptions, his performances of contemporary repertoire and the promotion of new music, Roccato has expended much effort to promote the double bass as a solo instrument since his teenage years. Together with Stefano Scodanibbio he founded the double bass ensemble Ludus Gravis. As soloist and conductor of this group, he has performed at some of the most renowned festivals of contemporary music.

As a composer, arranger and performer he collaborates with writer, playwright and actor Vitaliano Trevisan. Their prolific partnership resulted in the works “Solo et Pensoso”, “Time Works”, “Note sui Sillabari”, “Madre con Cuscino”, “Campo Marzo 9/10”, “Burroughs in Cage”, and “I suicidi di Bernhard”.

He brought the double bass as a solo instrument into pop music by developing trio projects with Lucio Dalla and Roberto Vecchioni. He often collaborates with eminent personalities from the performing and visual arts scenes.

Professor of double bass at the Conservatoire Santa Cecilia in Rome, he is often invited to hold seminars at prestigious musical institutions and universities.

Michele Rabbia – percussionist, drummer – began his career performing and recording collaborating with Stefano Battaglia, Andy Sheppard, Eivind Aarset, Daniele Roccato, Louis Sclavis, Paolo Fresu, Anja Lechner, Michel Portal, Ralph Towner and many, many other high class musicians.

His collaborations also extend in the dance with Virgilio Sieni, Tery J. Weikel , Giorgio Rossi, compose the music for the show ” Genova 01″ Fausto Paravidino for literature with the writer Dacia Maraini , Gabriel Frasca and Sara Ventroni, with the painter Gabriele Amadori and architect James Turrell.He has performed in the most important European festivals , China, India and the United States.