Jazz For Kids with Tin Men & the Telephone

June 1st – 11.30am

June 1st /11.30 AM
@ Cinema Elvire Popesco (Institutul Francez)

JAZZ FOR KIDS with Tin Men & The Telephone

Tony Roe (NL) – piano/keys/electronics
Pat Cleaver (UK/FR) – double bass
Bobby Petrov (BG) – drums

Green Hours JAZZ Fest – X has the pleasure to present an unusual & interactive concert. During the performance, the kids in the audience can interfere and influence the music of the artists through a mobile application. A specially designed educational program of Tin Men, for children and other young pupils and music schools disciples.
Event presented under the umbrella of JAZZ FOR KIDS, an exquisite concept proposed and developed in Romania by our friends and collaborators from JAZZ.RO.