May 23rd

Maria Răducanu – vocal
Michael Griener – drums

After a long and acclaimed collaboration as part of Maria Răducanu’s international quartet/quintet, the two amazing musicians developed this new voice-drums program that you will have the opportunity to enjoy.

”Possessing one of the most distinctive voices in the world, Maria mixes Romanian dirges with Fado, Rembetika, blues and improvisation in creating a music that is pure, deeply emotional and goes straight to the heart.” (John Zorn – Tzadik)

„Michael Griener is one of the most demanded drummers in Berlin. He proved to be the perfect player for all opportunities,  as he understands to play the most special idea in his very own way, finding the right balance between his own play and the given context. His self-taught style merging flow and fragility is unique as well as his coolness.” (Eric Mandel – Jazz Fest Berlin)