Roberto Negro

“Papier Ciseau”

September 2nd

Roberto Negro – piano, electronics, composition
Émile Parisien – saxophone
Valentin Ceccaldi – bass
Michele Rabbia – drums, electronics

The aesthetics of the DADADA trio composed of the Roberto trio Negro-Michele Rabbia-Emile Parisien evolved in this new artistic adventure with the arrival of bassist Valentin Ceccaldi. In an essentialist musical quest, Roberto Negro invites us to childhood memories and adventure of learning. On an unusual and sometimes disconcerting, where perception and division of time seem at uncontrolled moments, the music we let us transport in a universe declined by melodies sometimes playful, sometimes naive and sometimes frankly stunning and electric. This disc is the result of compositions combining intensity and simplicity with more complex and burning sonic worlds, nourished with a lyricism always on the lookout.